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Tulip Votive

Tulip Votive


Our tulip votive is made from the purest ivory white beeswax and a 100% cotton wick. Approximately 3 inches (7.62cm) tall, it will burn approximately 12-15 hours.


We recommend burning votive candles free of drafts on a heat resistant platter or in a container with open sides. 

Beeswax candles burn hotter so by using larger sized candle holders or bowls will allow the flame to receive the adequate oxygen it requires to burn properly. Restricted airflow will cause the flame to flicker and spike resulting in inefficient combustion. Not only will this shorten the burn time, the flame will begin to smoke and add soot to the air. The candle will not run over as long as the flame is given sufficient oxygen and remains free of drafts.

To extinguish the candle flame, dunk wick in molten pool of wax using a wick dipper, then straighten upright.

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