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About Your Time Boutique

Your Time Boutique is inspired by nature, the art of stillness, mindfulness and space. During a noisy, technocratic season in the world–when the value of our time is greater than ever–we offer products that are conducive to a slower-pace; a lifestyle more in harmony with nature, living simply but beautifully. Driven by excellence, we are passionate about quality above all else. 

Beeswax is a beautiful medium because of its simple and natural purity. There is nothing quite like the subtle, sweet aroma of honey filling one’s space. Beeswax needs only to be shaped into a candle which provides hours of golden light creating the perfect ambiance. 

In 2007, we set out to make superlative beeswax candles because up until then beeswax candles being sold were often of poor quality and didn't burn properly. Together, under the guidance of a master chandler, we made it our mission to develop new beeswax candle-making techniques and put to rest old myths of beeswax chandlery. Gone were the days of half burned, inferior-quality beeswax candles made with coarse, natural-fibre wicking that gave off a pungent scent when burning.  

We offer a candle line of natural colour and simple classic designs. Burn quality is paramount and a smooth straightforward design results in the most efficient candle.
We endeavour to source only the best cappings wax from local and Canadian beekeepers. We are ever vigilant how the wax has been handled from the hive through to production, filtering it down to micron purity. Each candle style is tested and matched with an appropriate-sized, 100% cotton wick.

When you purchase a Your Time™  candle you can be confident you’ve sourced a product where every effort was made to produce the best quality beeswax candle.