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About Your Time Boutique

Inspired by Nature and centuries past Your Time Boutique is an umbrella shop for select traditional handmade products we have come across on our journey to a simpler, wholesome lifestyle.

To us these products represent classic luxury. We’re not talking about latest home decor trends or disposable throwaways purchased on impulse. Cherished workmanship, held in high esteem, each piece has a story; its about appreciation and mindful design for a simple and sustainable lifestyle. The essence of our products reflects this passion which each artist brings to their work.

Your Time Boutique opts for timeless and natural artifacts that are distinctive and unique, each with superb craftsmanship and quality. The range is handmade by both Canadian and international artists whose work also represents sustainability and environmental responsibility.

We offer an exquisite line of artisan beeswax candles. Our home decor artifacts and accessories are made from renewable or recycled glass, metal, stone, wood or earthenware. Each piece is one of a kind.