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Natural Yellow Beeswax Taper Candles - Candlesticks

Natural Yellow Beeswax Taper Candles - Candlesticks


Beautify mealtimes with our natural yellow beeswax candlesticks. These taper candles are made with premium quality, naturally filtered beeswax and all cotton wicks. Long-burning, our tapers boast a drip-free burn with a clear steady flame.

Sold in pairs. Select from three different lengths: 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch. Each candle burns approximately one hour per inch of length.

Unlike typical beeswax tapers, our wicks are not connected which ensures that the wicking weave is running in the correct direction in both candles, not just one. (Yes! The direction of the wick weave makes a difference in the burn quality of your candles.)


Our taper candles are designed not to drip. As long as they are burned in a draft free room, our taper candles burn drip-free so burn them away from open windows, fans or excessive airflow of any kind.
There is no need to trim our taper candle wicks before re-lighting. Light the long curled wick as is. The cotton wick we use is designed to curl into the hottest part of the flame and be consumed. Please note, this is different than pillar candle wicks that do benefit from regular wick trimming. 
Never blow out your candle flames or you will risk spraying the hot wax across surfaces. Instead, use a snuffer or a candle wick dipper to extinguish then use the wick dipper to place a drop of the melted wax on the wick to stop smouldering.

See also our "Candle Care" page for burning tips and how to properly extinguish a taper candle flame.


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