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Beeswax Ivory White - 1 pound

Beeswax Ivory White - 1 pound


All our beeswax is 100% pure. This pharmaceutical-grade ivory white beeswax is extremely high-quality and is some of the finest beeswax you'll ever acquire. It is free of fillers, synthetics, debris or foreign fragrances.

A system using natural clay and charcoal is used in the filtering of our ivory white beeswax in order to remove the yellow pollen colouring present in regular beeswax. This filtration process removes most of the honey scent sometimes leaving the ivory white beeswax with a subtle nectar aroma. Due to the nature of beeswax and the fields it's sourced from, the ivory white hue can vary from batch to batch. 

Versatile for use in cosmetics, beard and body care products, lotions, salves, pet paw balm, soap making, crafts, encaustic art or, making your own candles!

Available as a 1 pound (454 gr) brick or in pellet form in 1 pound packages. (Pellets make measuring for smaller projects easier.)

Bulk quantities available. Contact us for more details.

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