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Your Time™ Beeswax Candles

Purity. Functional Luxury. From Nature. 

Candles were never just about light but about spirit too; handmade candles just contain more of it. 

I chose to work with beeswax because of its simplistic and natural purity. In 2007 I set out to make superlative beeswax candles because up until then I was wasting money on beeswax candles that were poor quality and didn't burn properly.

Touted as "the cleanest burning candle", how often have you purchased a beeswax candle only to discover that this special candle you spent your hard-earned dollars on, was lacking in vibrance and efficacy? A weak flame, perhaps it struggled to burn, the blackened wick drowning in a dark pool of molten wax. Or maybe the flame sputtered out halfway through. You were left with a half-burned candle or a pool of running wax on the plate. 

I experienced the same. I appreciate quality and after wasting money on candles that weren't burning well I began look for answers. This lead me to research and look deeper into how beeswax candles were made. I came to understand that not all beeswax candles are equal. The more I searched, the more I realized how rare it was to find a quality-made beeswax candle. At the time, the majority of beeswax candlemakers didn't put a lot of effort into developing and improving their products and as such, it was simply accepted that beeswax candles they offered were the norm. Sure, you could find all the cute, funky and unique designs and styles but how about a candle that just burned well!?

My searching paid off. I had the fortunate opportunity to meet a passionate master chandler who, for 15 years, made it his mission to raise the industry bar on quality beeswax candles. He had developed new beeswax candle making techniques and put to rest old myths of beeswax chandlery.

He welcomed my many questions and saw that I was an eager student. That connection led me to train with him for a time and I'm forever grateful I was given the opportunity to learn candle making from the best.

Gone were the days of half burned, inferior-quality beeswax candles made with coarse natural fibre wicking (e.g., hemp, jute) that gave off a pungent scent when burning. Now I could proudly offer the world the quintessential of beeswax candles (until something or someone discovers an even better way to improve them.)

It all begins at the hive. I procure beeswax in two different ways. One, as cappings wax from beekeepers who haven't scorched or overheated the wax when separating out the honey. Then, in order to maintain the integrity of the wax, I filter it down to one micron through a gentle and thorough cleaning process. Or, I purchase from apiaries who filter to the quality and standards we require. 

When making the candles, in order to keep alive it's full-bodied aroma, rich yellow colour and texture, the beeswax is carefully melted in small batches, filtered, then poured into the candle moulds to cool. Each and every candle is poured by hand and fitted with an appropriate sized 100% cotton wick. 

To this day, I continue to hone my craft. I've learned a lot over the years. My customers have also been some of my biggest teachers as I build my business. I'm grateful and don't take this job lightly!

As a former chef I've always been passionate about what I put on your plate–I want your approval so this demands my best offering. This all, so that I can say with confidence, your personal time and space will be enriched when you burn Your Time™ candles.

Carol Kubassek


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